My Current Anime Rankings List

This is a top down list of my current favorite TV anime, meaning it is excluding movies and OVAs. This list is not my standards chizzeled in stone and it may change drastically over short periods of time.

Most recent update: 12-23-16

Only shows that I’ve watched since late 2014 are included on this list and mainly only shows I have watched in the last year, since my current tastes and critical mindset have only come into full fruition recently. I left off some anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion and White Album 2, since even though I love them I haven’t watched them since late 2013/early 2014, and therefore don’t remember them well enough to place them on this list.

I’ve broken down my favorites into three distinct tiers below: The Masterpieces, The Excellent, and The Really Good.

(#) = Number of times I have rewatched the series in full, or the number of episodes in I am, if I haven’t finished the series but still have strong opinions about it.

The Masterpieces:

1. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

2. Ping Pong the Animation (2)

3. Fate/Zero and Second Season (2)

4. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (1)

5. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (1)

6. Parasyte (1)

7. Cowboy Bebop

8. Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann

9. Space Dandy & Second Season (1)

The Excellent:

1. Monogatari Series Second Season (10/26 episodes in)

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (TV) [Parts 1-4 combined] (I’ve watched all the way up through episode 18/39 of Part 4)

3. Hataraku Maou-sama! (2)

4. Re:Zero

5. Noragami & Second Season

6. Konosuba

7. Sakamoto, Desu Ga?

8. Great Teacher Onizuka

9. One Punch Man

10. Shokugeki no Souma


The Really Good:

1. Kill la Kill (1)

2. Mob Psycho 100

3. Attack on Titan (1)

4. Psycho-Pass (11/22 episodes in)

5. Outlaw Star

6. Durarara!!

Anime I Love To Hate But Somehow Finished:

Accel World

Strike The Blood

God Eater

Tokyo Ghoul √A

Infinite Stratos 2