Introducing “On The Rewatch”

It’s no secret that the internet landscape as it is today provides almost limmitless access to information. I can remember being a kid and having to get in front of the TV at the right time time of day on the right day of the week to get my Pokemon fix. I can remember pulling VHS tapes out of tattered boxes and inserting them into the family TV, only to be forced to rewind the entire tape before I could watch the grainy footage. But now, I can go online and find a 1080p HD copy of almost anything I want to watch within minutes. Dictionaries are useless as long as I have my smartphone on hand; books, obsolete between the two tablets that I listen to audiobooks on. Everything relating to the consumption of information is so easy and QUICK. But in all this quickness, I think we’ve lost something.
And that something is the rewatch. Everyone is so focused on clicking through the daily new content from their favorite creators online that they don’t bother to look back. I’ve learned as an analyst that the more times you watch something, the more you pick up on new things and solidify your memory of the things you knew before. There is so much more that I’ve been able to get out of anime on the subsequent rewatches that I wasn’t able to get out of them before. That’s why I no longer consider anime to be in my favorites unless I’ve watched them within the last 6 months or have rewatched them many times to confirm how I feel. As someone who loves movies and anime, I want to start a new series on this blog where I look back at titles that are important to me and see what more I can get out of them on a repeat viewing. So I’ll be starting “On The Rewatch” where I write rambling posts on what I got out of my rewatches. My Neighbor Totoro will be up first. I’ll have it out tomorrow morning. I’m sure it’ll be fun and I hope you’ll join me. Vasa out.


Author: TrueVasA

Hey there. I'm a 23-year old who works 60+ hours a week and never sleeps, thus I write about anime like the insane person I am. I've been watching anime regularly since the summer of 2013 and blogging about it for almost as long.

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