VasA’s 12 Days of Anime 2016 Wrap-Up (Day 12 (sort of))

I know I’m a few days late on the draw, but I’d like to do a very short post wrapping up my 12 days of anime for 2016. I did five posts during the 12 days of anime this year. I didn’t make 12 posts in 12 days as I’d hoped to, but I’m happy that I participated at all. I haven’t published so much writing about anime in such a short period of time ever, and I even did it while working one of the hardest day job and travel schedules of my life. Reading other participants blogs was an added treat, as well as a motivator, and valuable educational resource. I got to write my longest post ever, rambling about how worthless Konobi is. I wrote passionately about my favorite anime of all time. I delved into some personal storytelling about feeling passionate and consuming copious amounts of alcohol. I even took a stab at writing about a light novel audio book. The 12 Days of Anime this year was an invaluable experience for me, and I hope to participate in years to come. Thanks for joining me, VasA out.



This post is part of the The Twelve Days Of Anime, which is an event where over the 12 days leading to Christmas (the 14th to 25th of December), Bloggers and YouTubers share 12 impactful moments they had relating to anime during the year.

By the way, if you don’t know me, then hey I’m VasA and thanks for stopping by! See you next time.


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Author: TrueVasA

Hey there. I'm a 23-year old who works 60+ hours a week and never sleeps, thus I write about anime like the insane person I am. I've been watching anime regularly since the summer of 2013 and blogging about it for almost as long.

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