The Anime Community Ignites My Soul (12 Days of Anime 2016 Day 3)

So on the third day of the 12 days of anime, I’m jumping back to the early 2016 with this quick post. Around the beginning and into the early part of 2016, I wanted some podcasts to listen to at my work. And since I love anime I defaulted to Podtaku, which I hadn’t listened to in some time. Podtaku, if you don’t know, is a podcast that was started by four YouTube anime critics (Holden [HoldenReviews], Jeanne [AnimeAppraisal], Gigguk [TheAnimeZone], and Arkada [GlassReflection]) to talk about anime in a more loose format. It was the first anime podcast to prove that people wanted an anime podcast on YouTube, as it got insanely higher view counts than any other anime podcast available at the time.

Screenshot (122).png

As 2016 began there was a horrific crash and burn of the podcast, which had since evolved into a much larger group of anime YouTubers than it had been before, and become the standard that everyone wanted to copy the success of by having their own anime podcasts.

Screenshot (123).png


At this time I was also getting back into anime in a big way. I passively lamented the passing of Podtaku. I was never really the biggest fan of the podcast, but I want some weebs talking about anime in my ears while I work, alright?

Then, Ninouh, one of my favorite members of the expanded Podtaku, started doing YouTube live streams, mainly on Friday nights and Saturday nights, where he would just call up friends and other anime YouTubers on skype (including the very popular: Gigguk, Demolition D+, and Digibro).


Those live streams not only gave me something entertaining and sometimes educational to listen to at work, but also reignited my passion for writing about anime and introduced me to the world of detailed anime analysis, by the way of the guests on the live streams. Among the first of which were Digibro’s book-length video series on the Asterisk War and Demolition D’s three video, 45 minute in-total comparison of anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Evangelion Rebuild films.
I loved learning about anime and people’s perspectives on the medium. It felt much more engaging than the typical review structure I was used to hearing\reading. And I wanted to write in that style. So I’ve been preparing to. I’ve since done much more reading of critical analysis, studying its structure and applying it to my own writing.

I now have a MASSIVE backlog of partially completed anime posts I’m working on and they are now starting to come out, that with my first 2 posts of the 12 days of anime out and my plans for posts next year. One of my future posts is actually now the longest thing I’ve written in my entire life. So what I’m really trying to say is that the anime community has set my soul on fire. Even though I still work 60+ hours a week at a soul-sucking job out of obligation, I now have something I truly want to work for on my own time.


VasA’s Twelve Days of Anime, Day Three: I Like Anime Analysis

This post is part of the The Twelve Days Of Anime, which is an event where over the 12 days leading to Christmas (the 14th to 25th of December), Bloggers and YouTubers share 12 impactful moments they had relating to anime during the year.

By the way, if you don’t know me, then hey I’m VasA and thanks for stopping by! See you next time.


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